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MOGA Trade Plus+

Get started with as little as $500!
Copy hundreds of excellent trading strategies.

MOGA Trade Plus+

MOGA Trade Plus+

Copy trading with MOGA Trade Plus+
Hundreds of trading strategies for you to choose.


Minimum deposit: $500 USD / GBP / EUR / AUD

Copied Trader

Minimum deposit: $1,000 USD / GBP / EUR / AUD

MOGA Trade Plus+

Learn from
the best
& receive
stable income!

Easy entrance to the forex market for newbies. You can choose and filter by investment return, history performance, risk level, trading days and more to find the strategies that are best for you. And with just one-click-away, you don’t have to be an expert in forex to earn stable profits from a diversified portfolio.

*Past performance doesn’t guarantee future returns.

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